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Noob on MES 40"

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Just bought on about a month or two ago and cant seem to get any smoke going into the meat flavor wise. I called and asked for the larger chip tray and I got the same one shipped to me that I have. So no help there. Bought an AMZN pellet tray and it was a fail last nite, lit it thre seperate times and got smoke going but then I check on it and no pellets have burned and no smoke..... Help a noob out as I am sure it is user error...

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Search "Mailbox mod" and then do it.
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The mailbox mod is one of many ways to consider.  Do a search, but meanwhile, here's a very active post on the same issue:




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The MES 40 is capable of producing CLOUDS of smoke.  So not sure what you mean by saying can't get any smoke into the meat.  Do you have a gen 1 or gen 2 (controller in the front, exhaust vent on the left side) model?  I've had both generation of the MES and, although there are a few issues with both, I never had a problem with them producing smoke.  There was one model that needed a full chip tray replacement but that was some time ago.  Is the unit producing smoke and you just aren't tasting it in the meat.  As soon as the words MES and smoke are used in the same sentence around here everyone yells AMAZ N without getting to the root of the problem.  And the gen 2 (and some gen 1's) just don't have enough airflow without mods to support a reliable AMAZ N pellet tray burn.  Give a little more into and lets see if there is a problem with your smoking procedure or the MES.

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The controller is in the front and the vent is in the side. So I guess gen 2. I soak the chips and that helped a little bit but over all just not enough smoke in briskets I have cooked.
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Here's a few tips that may help.
First, forget chips. They tend to be dried out, flavorit inb the ess tinder. Soaking doesnt do anything except delay the smoke process. Use small chunks. More flavor and last longer. For beef use oak, hickory, or mesquite if you want a lot of smoke flavor.
Second, take the meat out of the fridge to help get it closer to room temp when you put it in smoker. It will absorb more smoke at that temp.
And third, easy on the rub. Try a simple kosher or sea salt and coarse pepper. Put the meat directly on the rack, no pan. If you want to catch the drippings put a pan on the next lower rack.

As for the AMAZ N.....You need good air flow. The mes you have has a very small exhaust vent. I dremeled mine out to get better flow. But in either case leave it all the way open. And then pull out the chip loader a few inches and turn it 180 degrees. Maybe, maybe the amazn will stay lit if you get it going real good. Best of luck.
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