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'Bout ready to do my first sausage

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I'm through the basics of Rytek's book, have the new plates for my grinder and got a stuffer for Christmas. I think I have a good idea of spices, however any suggestions will be gratefully accepted!


Now for my main question for the old hands at this....natural or synthetic casing?  I'm still not sure the best way to go. My first attempt will be a regular size (2.5" or 3") summer sausage. Just can't get a good one here in southern Arizona!


Thoughts and recommendations?  Thanks.



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I generally prefer natural casings but I'm not so sure if you are making very large sausages.   I think they give you a bit more room for error when stuffing,  They can be a pain in the neck if they get tangled up and regardless of what people say they will go bad eventually even if properly stored.   With the synthetic if you keep them dry they seem to last forever.


Good luck and welcome to the addiction.

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I like the 3"x 24" fibrous casings. They usually are mahogany or clear and will hold about 3- 3 1/2 lbs. if fully stuffed. I'm liking the clear casings better lately because you can see better what is happening while stuffing and smoking. They take on a nice mahogany color in the smoker.

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fibrous casings for salami or summer sausage ........... natural casings for brats and polish

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Thanks All...I was leaning towards the fibrous but just needed some confirmation that was the right path. With that decided, I'll order the casings and instacure and away I go. I'll post my first effort and look forward to input.



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