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Summer Sausage and seasoning

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Do you think there is any advantage to putting the seasoning on the venison and pork chunks and let them set in the refrigerator over night before grinding?  If so would you then grind the meat and add the cure?



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I generally blend the spice and cure with the ground meat then cure in fridge 3 days ( mixing at least once each day ) before smoking. I don't think blending the spice with the meat ahead of time would make much diff.

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I add the seasoning and cure after the first grind. I normally do a double grind. If you are using large seed that you don't want broken up ( like pepper corns or fennel). wait till after the final grind. Happy smoken.


For the most part. It is not going to make much differance.

Happy smoken.


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I add the seasonings and cure [mixed in water or beer] after the first course grind and pour it over the meat mix and mix it well. Then i grind it once more with a medium plate and let the mix set overnight and stuff and smoke the next day.  Reinhard

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