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Smoked Chuck Roast on my new MES

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Just got my new MES last week and decided to throw a cheaper piece of meat on there just to try it out. Came out better than I ever could have hoped for, thought I would share and maybe get some suggestions and tips as well if anyone has any. I'm pretty new to this.


Smoked at 225-250 until my thermometer read 165. Used 75% Mesquite and 25% Hickory wood chips. Used a simple rub of salt, black pepper, and some grill mates smokehouse maple. At 165 I pulled it out, wrapped and dumped a mixture of a couple tablespoons of butter mixed with some brown sugar on top. Back in wrapped in foil to 195. Pulled out, cut into cubes, in a pan, threw a little bbq sauce on top and put it in for about another hour between 300-375. ( Gradually raised heat ) They came out a lot more tasty than I would have imagined a chuck roast would. A lot of that was thanks to reading through these forums to get ideas. Hope you guys enjoy the view. Sorry it's not the best pic, I took it with my phone.


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Looks like tasty burnt end Chuckies!
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