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Again that is one nice build  !!!!   When Can I Expect Delivery ?


Gary S

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Thanks Gary! Just waiting on the money to clear to my bank from urs and ill have it delivered. Haha
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Dont know thatd ud pay what id be asking tho lol
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It's been quite a few years since I was in Abilene Last time Dove hunting. There was a BBQ/Steak house I remember that was pretty darn good.

When you ordered your Rib-eye you just told them how thick you wanted it cut, and great rolls  Don't remember the name?


Gary s

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They got a few around here. As far as bbq goes i like rosas or jo allens the best tho.
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I think that was it, Kinda Western decor 

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Yup thats joe allens.
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Come on guys the best BBQ in Abilene was Harold's. And his sides were a good as his Q....... Sad day when he shut done, if I am not mistaken it was over taxes?


Rosa's is the same Mexican restaurant that started the in Odessa, and when taco bell couldn't get any customers Taco bell/KFC/Pepsico bought 'em out? 

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No im talking about rosas bbq not the tortillia factory
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Im also from the Abilene area, and im gna hv to agree with foamheart on Harold's bbq. It WAS the best by far. And joe Allen's wouldn't ever even exist if it wasn't for Sharon. Sharon broke off and made Sharon's bbq. Which in my opinion is one of the best around here. And Gary u could also be talking about Harlow's bbq. There not here anymore either. All the good bbq in Abilene has left the building.
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I'll be honest, i know the places but i cook my own bbq haha.
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When we went there we had steak, told em how thick I wanted it and they sliced it right then and on the grill I didn't get a chance to try the BBQ


Gary S

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Crazy... the rig is awesome bro... the only other thing I would do would be to get a lower trailer ball so it rides level.. just looks better going down the road... biggrin.gif
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Anyone seen any smoke coming outta that rig yet? Briskets? ribs? Heck even hotdogs and hamburgers.....


So where's the meat!

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yes but then the jack hangs to low since its a bulldog jack. if it was a swivel jack and i turn it up out of the way i would but this way i don't have to worry about it.

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Originally Posted by CrazyQ View Post

First set of ribs off the cooker.



You had nerve enough to post a picture of you sitting in the man chair while wearing you PJs along with chomping on a rib? Ive gotta get mine finished. Ordering my thermometers now!

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haha well i was in blue jeans, wife was under a blanket next to me.


and yes, after 4 months of building i definitely had the nerve lol.

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Maybe one of these days you can come to Alaska, bring the Flyrod and a couple coolers! Teach me your secrets!
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After seeing your project come to completion I started gathering up bits and pieces to copy your build. I absolutely love the size and design. All that being said do you have any kind of plans you went off of? If so would you mind sharing them? I picked up a 24"x60" piece of pipe from my work. It's 1/2" thick and thicker than what I wanted but it was free. I had already started building a 24x24x24 firebox for another project before I stumbled across yours.
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No plans, just built as i went haha. Let me know what questions you have and ill gladly help you out.
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