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put 60 pounds of back bacon in the smoker last night with my fan on it to form the pellicle, smoker sits in my shop...

it was cold but above freezing out there, i have water bottles laying around as my weather check. went out to start things up this morning and the BB was starting to freeze up ...  LOL

started my shop wood stove and kicked in both electric elements in the smoker to get some heat in there. will start the smoke when the smoker warms up. the IT of the BB was 35 degrees .... .

i will know better next time and make a small fire over night to keep things a little warmer ...  HA HA HA



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How things going with the bacon?

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everything turned out super !!!!
i now know better than to trust my instinct and just keep things a little warmer. my biggest fear was i was going to lose alot of fluid as it thawed as happens with most frozen meat BUT didnt happen. everything worked well and everyone is happy.

did 4 sides of ribs and my 1st prime rib roast on sunday and it was the best roast i ever made. juicy, tender, i did it with hickory and will try a different smoke on the next one.

was the 1st time i stripped the membrane off the ribs, learning so much on this site it amazes me every weekend when i smoke.

between stripping membrane, and using mustard as a glue for the rub i give myself top marks on the ribs. also trimming alot of the fat off the side ribs. next time they are on sale i will buy them whole and make my own St. Louis style ribs, well ... at least try to.

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Well Goliath, we're going to teach you one more trick here, so you can step your ribs to the next level.  Toss the mustard back in the fridge and leave it there for your burgers.  Use Honey as the glue for your rub and enjoy the finished product that much better.  Honey adds a good taste, people say I make the best ribs going and that is how I do it.

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ok my Fellow Canadian ...  ha ha ha
i will give it a try for sure next go round !!!!!!

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