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CrazyQ - New Guy Here

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my name is Don and i'm currently active duty AF and stationed in Abilene, TX. i'm originally from down around the beaumont area from a little town called Kountze, TX. i've been serving in the AF for 13yrs now and plan to continue on until i retire from it. i grew up just a good ole country boy welding and fabbing and woodworking. i've also had quite a few yrs where i was big into drag racing. i've wanted to get into comp cooking for about a year now and taking that first step is a booger to take. all the doubts and questions about weither i'm good enough to compete or will i make a total fool out of myself haha. my new years resolution for 2014 is to start getting involved in some comp cooks. i wont be able to do them all of course just a few would be nice.

i've always enjoyed cooking outside weither its the grill or dutch ovens over coals. i was deployed a few years back and bought a Safe from pitmaker and man i have loved cooking with it. then it came time i wanted bigger and more room. so i found a deal on a lonestargrillz trailer pit (24x48) that i just couldn't pass up so i got it. i took the storage area off and added my safe to the trailer to use as a warmer or additional cooking space if i needed it. it also has a 20x32 charcoal grill on it as well as a burner.

the time has hit again and as i'm cooking even more than before and cooking for bigger crowds (church, fundraisers, work) i'm wanting even more room. so i've started a new build. should be a fun and exciting build and i can't wait to get it completed. i'll make a thread and keep it updated as i make progress so i can share it with ya'll.
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Welcome, CrazyQ! Glad to have you. Loads of information here, just use the search bar. I'm looking forward to seeing your build and hearing about your smoke projects.


Thank you for your service!



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Gonna work on the build thread now.
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