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Cabin Fever

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Reading all these posts about smoking is giving me "cabin fever".  You are going to force me outside and smoke something, even if it is just Bologna!  I got my MES last November and have cooked ribs 3 times and a pork tenderloin once.  Everyone loved the meat.  I have a real good friend with 2 of these and that is what talked me into the MES.  We have a fishing trip to Ky lake in late April and we will take one of them up there for ribs.  Doesn't get any better than that for getting away for a long weekend.


Keep up with the posts, I am getting GREAT ideas for when it warms up.


I like it warm, jim

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If you want to make life even easier and just as tasty try building a Mini-WSM.  These things are awesome, light weight for car camping, and easy to use.

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