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newbie suggestions

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I just picked up my smoker. I got the propane two door master forge from lowes. Going to assemble it and get the rope seal on the doors, then season it tomorrow. Not sure when my first smoke will be, it'll be in the next couple weeks cause it is freezing here in kansas. I have decided to smoke some split chicken breast first since i've had great success in brining them then grilling them low and slow on my grill with a smoke box. I've read alot on this site so far and will use all the suggestions. Just wanted to see if anyone had any more tips for this beginner that i might not have read.

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 Welcome Rick. Sounds like you are off to a good start. Your best friend will be and accurate instant read thermometer. Don't forget to post pics of your adventures in smoking!



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Mike, i got the maverick et 732 the other day. Just going to let the weather warm up a bit and i'll be ready to go.
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 A good score!  You are well on your way.:banana_smiley:



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Anyone have ideas on seasoning my smoker. The manufacturer says burn with smoke for about 45 min at about 175° but i've read that some people have at a higher temp and sprayed the inside with cooking spray or rubbing the inside with olive oil.
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  I would go hotter than 175. The idea is to burn off any residual oils and such from manufacturing and then put on a layer of smoke. I would give it a quick wipe down with a damp rag first then cook it at 250 or so for a short while and then add smoke for maybe most of an hour or so.



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