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My first try at Back (Canadian) Bacon

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After reading all the threads about Canadian bacon I just had to give it a try. I was at the local discount market (Winco) and I notice some park loins marked down


as you can tell this is not a 2 pound pork loin


I bought four of these all priced the same. It weighed in closer to eleven pounds.  I am trying Disco's recipe which I got from here 


Thank you! 


I'm only doing one of the four as I want to try it out first, to make sure the wife is happy with it.  Plus I have 10 pounds of brisket in a brine for pastrami and my "extra" space in the fridge is running low. So I cut the loin in half and trimmed it up. Here it is with half trimmed and half still untouched.


I mixed up the brine




injected the loins and then put the loin in a bath for 10 - 14 days



Now I just have to finish painting the mini and I will be all set to smoke!



I'll post more when there is more to report.  Happy Smoking!

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I can't wait to see how you like it!


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