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Spiral Cut Ham

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This is probably a stupid question, but:
Is it possible to smoke a spiral cut ham? A local grocery chain is having a big sale on them (98 cents a pound.)

My instincts tell me the juices would run out. I am wondering if I could bind it up or wrap loosely in foil.
Again, sounds crazy, but no harm in asking.

Thanks in advance for any replies,



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hey Al........I'm thinking that maybe a ham net would hold it together enough to keep it from leaking too badly. At that price, trying it can't be all bad........



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Yep! Works like a charm. Don't even need to wrap it. I've done it multiple times. 


Check this out;

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Here is the one I use. Came from Jeff's newsletter a few years back 

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Yep.  It can be done.


But care is needed.


I like them intact, myself.


Other half loves them due to her lack of knife skills.


Good luck and good smoking.

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I pushed wooden skewers thru and then tied the ends with string. It kept it from drying out.


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The only time I've had them dry out is when I over cooked it. I just sprinkle on some seasoning and throw it on
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Yes, I highly recommend it! Just mustard and season it, then bring it up to eating temp around 145 degrees f.
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they turn out awesome


here's a link from one i did a few years back....this is how i've done them since

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