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3rd time with WSM

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Hey all


I got a 18" WSM for the holidays and I have only used it twice. To date I have done sausage, wings, a whole chicken, pork shoulder, and a brisket (which wasn't so great, because it seems smoking a brisket is a process, a commitment, and not a drop and wait). SO, does anyone here have any suggestions for my next smoking adventure?

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Its always hard to beat the smoky goodness of some tasty ribs...spares are my favorites, but baby backs are great too.



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some pork steaks , brats and hotdogs are great also some smoked potatoes are real good !

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I 2nd the spare ribs. They'll get your confidence back up in your smoking game. I did them for my first smoke and they turned out awesome. It's a forgiving slab of tastiness, especially when done in the 3-2-1 method
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