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WHEEL OF GOUDA .... with Q-view

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been waiting since 1st week of December for the cheese to show up. have 3 stores where i live and there is only 1 that carries large items....
so i picked up a 9 pound wheel of Gouda and hacked, skinned and put it in the smoker. using a 50% Maple. 25% Hickory. 25% Cherry. heres some pics. will post more as we make some progress...








no mailboxes that i have seen for sale up here


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great idea using the roaster..... I've seen your gov't mail box set ups.... Nice idea... no wonder you can't find MB's like we use down here.... Dave
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I've been wanting to smoke some gouda but it costs more than the smoked gouda that I've found around here.  You sure are in for some great eating!

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probably costs more for me too but its only a couple bucks and its the pleasure of having your own...

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We found t tastes better than the commercial smoked stuff.  We use different wood and use light smoke.



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Mmmmmmm, that's gonna be Gooodddaaahhh!!!
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You realize that smoked Gouda stores better in a cold mountain climate (like here). Let me know if I can store some for you.



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Looks great so far

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here are the final pics. GREAT color....

i just can get over how good it looks BUT how god awful it tastes when its right out of the smoker. kinda like ya put a campfire out with it ...  LMAO  :0)


all packaged up with the Vacuum Sealers Unlimited premium bags. i will never use food saver again
UNLESS some one steals all of these on me !!!!

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Yep...isn't that something how terrible it tastes but how it changes within two weeks. Mine are about 8 weeks now but we've been sampling since 6 weeks ago. That's what started me on a quest to have a bunch more done before it gets too warm out( no idea when that is lately).
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i almost need another fridge just for the cheese i been making  :0)

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How do they say it CHEESUS that looks GREAT!   :Looks-Great:     :points:

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Goliath, what temp and how long? Did you soak the chips first?

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Yea, what smesh said... How long did you smoke it? :)
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i smoked about 4 hrs and i use the AMNPS.  i use pellets. for this smoke i had a blend of pellets from Louisiana Grills. i now have a good supply of Lumberjack pellets. i truly enjoy them and they are 100% wood, not blended or flavored.
anyways i have done a lot of different cheese smokes since then and have settled on oak pellets, 4 hr smoke. i like to keep my smoker at 60 to 70 degrees .

MR T has a complete step by step as how to do cheese and he is the cheese guru !!!!!
i have messaged him and he always replies quickly ... helped me out alot. the main thing i have found is LEAVE THE DAMN STUFF ALONE !!!!!

let it cure, sit and mellow ......

by the way i did get that extra fridge ...   HA HA HA  needed the room cause when im brining some bellies ar whatever and want a batch of sausage there is just not enough space in my 1 fridge, and by that i mean my shop fridge, so now there are 2 in the shop and actually saved some space for beer:beercheer:



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Thanks.  I've got some cheese sticks in my jackleg smoker now with apple wood.   We shall see how it turns out.

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