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Snowy Smokes & Sips? Do Share Yours!

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Happy Midweek Sweet Smoking Cookies!!!!


And here's to navigating the snow (for those of us in winter wonderland-esque scenery and such right now) and sipping and smoking thus well!


I enjoyed a red Syrah blend from Crete today, alongside some very wonderful Bulgarian sheep's cheese, and olives.


If you are smoking cheese therefore, I'd love to hear your favorite picks, and also learn of what you enjoy drinking with that snack??? Please post and share!!!


Meanwhile, do make this day delicious! And stay warm and cozied all in!!!


Cheers!!!!!!!!!!! - Leah














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Gee whiz Leah,

Does everything need to look like a fish ? Actually, I gotta try that next time.....looks great

And, since smoking 1/3 of a refrigerator full of assorted cheese, I find myself in the afternoon opening the sealed cheese and getting a small bowl of some assorted green olives or kalamatas, or a few flatbreads and a any bottle of a Merlot we happen to have in the house. Age seems to let you begin to trade off trips for junk food into collections of more refined snacks, like Ben and Jerry's New York super fudge ! biggrin.gif
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What an imaginative and beautiful way to present something as mundane as cheese and olives. (not that cheese and olives are necessarily mundane mind you, I just meant the presentation usually is)

You've proven yet again that it truly is not the steak, but the sizzle, that makes the lasting impression.

I wish I could share something nearly as creative. Alas, tonight it's a late supper of baked Teriyaki chicken over pasta with broccoli florets. I'd share a photo, but it's still in the oven. For sipping, my wife's enjoying a Chardonnay grabbed out of the bargain bin (her choice, she's a frugal Scot) and I'm enjoying a Growler of some sort of IPA from Atlanta, the name of which I've already forgotten. It's good though. Thanks for another cheery, fun post!!

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Happy Thursday Great Gentlemen!!!!!!!!


And thanks so much for chiming in here! I'd love for more action in this wine section and so thank you indeed!!


I'm glad my fishy cheese ensemble proved to be striking!? Smiles. I enjoy playing with my food I suppose.


Both of your eats/sips sound superb! I'm so impressed with your smoked cheese (Knuckle47) and enjoyment of afternoon reverie!


And Andrew, your meal sounded fabulous too and I love that everyone in your home drinks what he or she prefers, craves, and truly enjoys!!!


Cheers to you both!!!! - Leah

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Even your cheese plates are works of art! I love cheese from soft watery cheese that smells pungent to dry hard cheeses. That sheep cheese sounds wonderful. I think Shiraz would be wonderful with it. Great choice! 



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Thank you Disco!!! Indeed, that grape (and combo) was spot on!


And I agree with you, in that cheese is a very beautiful thing!!!


Happy snowy Thursday!!!!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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Morning snow here but you could run up the hill about 15 miles and have all you

Tomorrow morning I will have a 3 lb chunk of salmon going in the cold smoker as lox. Along with it will be 5 lb ea.......extra sharp white cheddar, sharp cheddar, pepper jack, and plain jack cheese. While that's smok'n away I will mix up and case 5 lb fresh Italian and 10 lb of brats to smoke on Sat. Worst part of cheese is the wait........but well worth it. Not sure how I will plate all of this come Sunday but will have lots to choose from.....



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Oh Brad, you always eat so very well and it's exciting to follow!


And yes, send more of your sunshine indeed! We adore that rare stuff here on the east!!!!!!!!!


Cheers!!!!!! - Leah

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Making sausage is a bad  (or good)  habit. I have to plan ahead so I can do a bunch and then sit back and eat......and sip a bit of wine. My neighbor works at a local winery and she likes to bring home things to sample. So happens she loves the summer sausage I make and the smoked cheese........nice trade huh !!!??



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Brad, that does indeed sound like a match made in food & wine heaven!


So long as she enjoys your sausage, then OK, OK, I'll watch my step...


But YES, the sharing of lovely food and wine is a very beautiful thing - particularly SMOKED food and wine, as the pairings are downright outrageously good!


Happy Thursday!!!!!!!


Cheers! - Leah

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I wasn't going to go there (So long as she enjoys your sausage, then OK, OK, I'll watch my step...) but since you did.........yes..she enjoys it....and the brat's



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Good to hear Brad! Smiles. Life is worth savoring - brats and all!


And meanwhile it DOES sound like you have a real smoker set-up out there, if you are cranking out the food you are! Fantastic!!!


Cheers to it all!!!!!!! - Leah

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