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Need to go Pork shopping

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Ask me anything about making smoked Salmon or Salmon Jerky and I can chat all night, but ask me how to make pulled pork, I know nada.  Thus the beginning of my bombardment of questions.


I see in Bearcarver's fantastic Q view, he went for a Boston Butt, bone in roast.  Is this the typical choice of pork to buy?    Is there a favored rub to put on the outside?  Jeff's rub?








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Yep butt is the choice. I use a different rub that I make, kinda a jamacian jerk rub but will use my rib rub with it from time to time. I never used Jeff's but Im sure it is fine.
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Bone or no bone?   What's the advantage of going with bone?

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I honestly cannot tell a difference. I have smoked all kinds of port roast. I have done a  boneless "Picnic" roast. I have done shoulders, i have done raw ham cuts (seemed lean). They all pretty much all taste the same, the finished pulled product was a little different (I remember the ham being more in 3"- 4" strands, but that may have been just the way I pulled that particular product). I have not ran into a hunk of pork that did not taste great off the smoker. Regarding bone in or not. I could not taste a difference, supposedly the bone "sends flavor" into the meat. Personally, i could care less if it has a bone or not. If the price is right, i'm taking it home. I am sure there are others out there that will attest that bone-in is the only way to go. I've said all that to say this "I think it all comes down to personal preference." 

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I agree with Casey that for the most part it doesn't matter, (bone-in vs no bone). If you're cooking for a bunch of people, they won't noticed the difference. But if I'm cooking just for me, ultimately I think the bone it is somewhat better. I use jeff's rub, but if I can get some rub from Memphis Red Hot and Blue restaraunt, I like to use that.
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