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Turkey Sausage

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Planning to make turkey sausage with a combination of white and dark meat and am wondering if I should add any additional fat to the mix.  If so, how much?


Thank you in advance for your suggestions.

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I haven't used turkey or chicken for some time [will do so soon for my daughter] and i'm not planning adding any other meat to the batch.  I normaly buy dark meat [bnls chicken thighs] and the sausage turned out fine. I also ad 1 cup dry powderd milk per 5 pounds of meat to it also.  So grinding white and dark turkey should be fine as is [as far as meat] in my opinion.  Reinhard

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we use primarily chicken here, little beef and ALMOST NO pork. im with reinhard, I used to debone thighs and use all the skins and fat, then i cut out skin and now trim off fat too. I've found for my family and me, we can just buy deboned chicken thighs, grind and use as is. no adding fats.  for us, plenty of fat in meat. 

now turkey, never used it for sausage so i can't say much accept experiment with it and update us. i don't think i'd add any additional fat. my suggestion would be to use meat and turkey fat from the bird, up to you as to use  the skin or not. see how it turns out with meat/fat n no skin. or better yet, break it all in half. half with skin, half without.

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I'm with JC on the fat and skin issue; try both and let us know. Have done chicken but never turkey, so interested in results/recipe. 

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