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How was the bark using that method
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Honestly, I was concerned going into it, because I love a good bark. Turned out the bark was perfect. It was just firm enough without drying out. I really believe those two butts would have won most comps!  

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Stickyfingers did you use anything in the pan or just dry? and would that temp and time be used for smaller butts or say just one?.....I am a big fan of myrons!  Would love to attend that class

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No, I did not put anything in the pan. I did inject it though and of course a rub. I don't know about smaller butts. Never done one smaller than 8lbs. My guess is it would just take less time. 


If you get the chance to go to his class it's awesome...I would go again.

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With it being in a pan the entire time, how was the smoke ring?

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The pan had no effect on the smoke ring at all. I have been panning most things since then...brisket, moinks, ABTs, chicken...just not ribs. I probably had a GOOD 1/4" + ring. When I went to pull it, I turned it over and the fat cap came off in one big piece.

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This also might help with explaining why it takes so long:


Forgive the competitor's website. :)

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I'm doing mine at 250 1 for 1. I can't wait to see what it's like when I'm done.
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