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Bbq guru adapter dimensions

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I am building a cabinet smoker and would like to have a bbq guru adapter built in, the only problem is that I don't have one yet. Can someone let me know the diameter of the connection?
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Can someone please measure there's for me? I will need this first thing tomorrow morning.

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those are the hole sizes for using the adapters. I want to make my own adapter.

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pm me your email addy and i'll get you what you need, even though you used there instead of their... lol (gotta bust ya balls).



there is a chamfer on the inside lip of the adapter to aid in the compression of the o-ring, i only say this incase you don't see it well in the pics i took.

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Thanks Drew. That is just what I need. I had to post this question on three forums to get it.
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so did you get it built?

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I took my Guru into Home Depot and couldnt find anything off the shelf that would work.  I would be interested in seeing what you came up with.

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I ended up getting a call back from bbq guru today and she confirmed what I already found out from Jerseydrew. The outside diameter of the nose is 1.209" and the inside diameter of the adapter is 1.219" and needs to be at least 0.60" deep.

I have some pics of how I set mine up that I will get uploaded tonight and post here.
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I managed to get a couple pics of my intakes up on photo bucket today. You can see the 2" female fitting on the left that will have a sliding damper or a round cover that will be on a threaded rod and spin out. The one on the right is for the guru. I made it out of a piece of 1" pipe with the inside turned to 1.219". I will also be machining a kill plug for it too.


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