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Brisket time with burnt ends Q-View!

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Started with a 10 lb packer from Walmart that had been in the chest freezer a few months.  I did not trim the fat cap, but did trim some hard fat from the point before cooking.  Rubbed with spog and tied it with some butcher twine to fit my mes 30.  Smoked at 235 deg with pecan in the amnps for 14.5 hours until probe tender which ended up being about 201 deg internal in the flat.  I did not foil wrap the brisket at all during the cook.  Wrapped for 30 min before separating the point from the flat and re-wrapping the flat to place back in the cooler.  Cubed up the point and added some simply marvelous cherry rub, then back in the smoker at 250 deg for 1.5 hours.  Then sprinkled some simply marvelous peppered cow along with sticky fingers memphis original bbq sauce, then back in the mes for another 1.5 hours.  Sliced up some of the flat to go with the burnt ends.  Burnt ends came out great!  The flat is tender but a tiny bit dry, probably from resting in the cooler a bit to long.  Overall, I am happy with the result.  Thanks for looking!









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Nice looking brisket, especially that last picture!

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How do you think you should've left it in cooler? And is it necessary to place it in cooler or can you just leave it wrapped real tight?
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