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Beast Mode Sausage

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Google it. 7% ground Skittles in a spicy presumably pork sausage. Wonder what else goes into it. 'People' claim it's 'good'.

Go Hawks!
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Yep seen this on the news said it was the biggest seller at one of the local markets over there, I am sure sugar melts down but I don't know with the out side of the skittles??? I would take A bite just to see. they have also been putting skittles on the burger - beast mode burger.


Just crazy



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It sounds like stoner food to me...

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It wasn't skittles I thought it was gummy bear brats??

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I know they have Gummy Bear Brats.........I guess a skittles Brat wouldn't be horrible.  then again I don't think I'd try either of them.

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Neither would I. Some things have been and will always be good the way they have always been made..:grilling_smilie:

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