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Smoking wings today. Half injected with Franks and half with teriyake. Cold, cloudy and rainy today in Cypress, Texas today so holding temp will take some babying of the smoker.
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We picked up some large wings at cash and carry,. they had a 40 lb box for a like a $1.89 a pound or something like that here in portland.

So we are making about 10 pounds of wings for the game among other things, I took 5 lbs to smoke. My boys were not convinced these wings could out do moms oven baked wings with franks doused all over them...they are damn good I have to admit.

I told mom this going to be friendly cook off now....I took my half and

So I took 5 lbs of wings and marinated with 1/2 gal,. buttermilk, 1TBS garlic powder, 1TBS onion powder, 2TBS brown sugar, 1TBS tony chacheres creole seasoning,..let sit for a day and a half....then pulled, rinsed and dried.

placed in trays and injected with just franks original, then dusted again with the tony product.

took em out to the shop and popped them in the smoker (the smoker dwarfs this little batch) to begin cooking.

filled up the sawdust bin, should make nice thin blue know the drill. The forced air just makes this smoker this thing. I will update the post with pictures of final product....may your team win....(go seahawks,lol)







Well a touch of rubber but dang it the wife wouldn't give me the broiler cuz her wings were under it.. So hit em on grill for a bit. They were actually pretty good, the smoke didn't get em enough because I had them on tray instead of on the rack directly.

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I have the cherrybombs on now.
Half with one habanero and half with 1-1/2 habeneros.
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Just 4 racks of pork back ribs .....

2 more racks hiding on the lower grate....
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Cherry bombs ready! Wow, these are great!
A bit hot with habanero only 1/2 pepper on them but have a kick. Dipping them in either Franks hot sauce or Trigg bbq sauce. And of course plenty of cold Shiner beer.
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Wings coming off right on time. Great flavor, 50% hickory and 50% apple wood.

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