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Hobart 2812 Meat Slicer

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Does anyone have a Hobart 2812 meat slicer? I am looking at one that is missing the deflector cover on the side the meat drops through and I was wondering if it is a necessary piece for proper operation and or safety.
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They have the deflectors for the model 2812 on the internet for less than $30, pretty easy part to find it looks like. I think it should help make sure whatever your slicing clears the blade and drops out cleanly onto the tray.

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I have a 2612.  I don't have a deflector and it works just fine. If I'm cutting thicker stuff like canadian bacon it falls in place just fine.  If I'm slicing things really thin then I push and pull with my right hand and use my left hand to catch the meat to I can stack it flat.

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