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New Smoker from ARIZONA!!! Beardown!!!

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Hey all,

I gotta say I love this page, recently I was driving through a yard sale and out of curiosity I stoped and found gold!!! (not really) but I saw that they had a fairly decent smoker looking brand new except the cord was chewed on by the dogs ( nothing major), So here I am not knowing much about smoking and smookers, But I bought a Cookmaster Electric Smoker for 15 bucks!! STEAL!!

Just recently I went on an ELK hunt, So I figured I have my freezer full of elk roast why not season the smoker and give it a shot , why not right!!!! Well It was a success the elk was awesome.

Did a little SPOG and wrapped in bacon and let it go at around 225* with JD mesquite chips and apple juice on the water pan. (because thats what I read on line to do LOL). Smoked it for about 4-5 hrs wasnt sure about IT but when I poked it it looked good to me.. Let it rest for about 1/2 hr and dug in.. My wife and 3yr old loved it so I guess I did something right!!!

Any way I have since then build the courage to throw some beef brisket in there and a couple of pork loins for the Super Bowl next weekend, what better critics than my own family right.. I was a little nervous until I found this page now I have so much information and tips. So hopefully everything turns out good!!!

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texas.gifHello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   



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Thanks Gary,

Im all for collecting .02 cents from everyone.. Great people and fun site..
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