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1/2 Price on QMATZ

No Coupon Code necessary!


Discount Will Be Applied In Your Cart

Sale Ends 1/31/14

No Creosote! A-Maze-N Smokers

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thanks - ordered one to fit my Treager Litl Tex - last week when I did pork butts had trouble with sticking to the grates - hopefully this will eliminate that problem

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Todd's Matz are great for cheese, shrimp, wings....... almost anything that could stick, fall through the food grate.... Clean up very, very easily....

I use them in my food dehydrator also.... for things like drying basil leaves... the leaves go between 2 mats to keep them from blowing around... I have a Sausage Maker D-10 and it's fan forced air... They are worth the full price.... at 1/2 price get all you can use and maybe some for gifts... or a thank you to someone that has done favors.....
Sugary things like sliced garlic, that sticks like crazy.... they are awesome.... apple slices, pear slices, banana slices.... no stick....
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Great for fragile foods that may fall apart as well. I use mine with meatloaf.

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