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Regulator mod help

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I changed out the stock hose regulator with one from Bayou Classic.  When I took it off I saw it had a connecter bushing with a very

small orifice.  I did not use that with the new hose not sure if it was needed.  When I tried it out it looks like I have lost nearly all control

with the control knob on the smoker.  Now it will blaze like a turkey cooker.  It seems I need to use the brass connecter with the small opening.  My hope was the new hose will allow me to get  more low volume control and temps below 170 -180 range.  This mod seems to be used a lot from what I read here.  Thanks 

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What piece of equipment are you trying to modify?   Pictures would be helpful.  It sounds like you replaced your low pressure regulator with a high pressure regulator with out an orifice in it.  I would suggest re installing your old regulator, and installing a Needle valve in line.  Go here for a needle valve.  Hope this helps.

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Yes, get a needle valve like this one that I use on my gasser to achieve lower temps.

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