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I did an old fridge conversion also. I used an electric element for heat a PID controller and a Bradley Smoke Generator, They all work great together. Love the fact that I can load the biscuits up turn on the PID and walk away. I have an ET732 to keep an eye on the temps from my house (the smoker is in my shed). The smoker is great but its hard to find the 120 biscuit packs anymore.

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Cool build, my Grandpa had a frig just like that, I remember how solid it was built, felt like you were closing a car door when you shut it! I just joined SMF, trying to build a Water stuffer for upcoming sausage making( snack sticks, summer and bratwurst) I will smoke mine in a Smoke Hollow that I got for Xmas.

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Any ideas out there for a chimney with damper control? I want to see what smf members have to say and think. I have a couple ideas myself. Thanks ken
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Ken, morning.... I'm not a fan of exhaust stacks..... they cool the exhaust and condensate forms... properly placed, they will drip on the food in the smoker..... I use openings on the side of the smoker... direct vent to the outside.... no stack.... that way, moisture leaves the smoker and no problems...
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Would you mind posting a pic of your vent set up? How big of a vent inlet and outlet would I need, and where do I place them? Do you think a couple of 1.5" or larger ball valves would be ok?
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For a refer, 2-each 1" holes near the bottom and 2-each 1 1/2 holes near the top, on the side walls should be a very good starting point for good air flow.... Valves or adjusters are generally not necessary unless you have the air ports too large.... A continuous air flow to remove moisture would be the target and good for combustion so you are not making creosote... some folks use refer magnets to open and close vents etc... If you feel you need more air, after several smoke runs, drilling more holes is easy and very inexpensive....
Of course you can add all types of control vents.. personal preference...
Conduit, pipe, exhaust pipe or anything can be inserted into the hole for a smoke passage way and sealed with the high temp sealant......

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Not working on the rig this scheduled time off. Minor surgery has me laid up. I did order my hearing element with controler. Still looking for advice on venting and a chimney.
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Just a small update here. I ordered a Bradley smoker unit and an electric heating element with temp controller. However, I will be sending it back as soon as it gets here, unless someone on here SMF would like to purchase it for what I have into it. I found a pellet hopper assembly that Ill be picking up soon from Its identical to the smoke daddy pellet hopper assembly(which is a fantastic unit), but much cheaper. All parts are interchangeable. Mine is going to cost $250 plus about $40 for shipping. Look them up and call and to RJ there. He can answer all you questions. He has a 12" model and an 18" model. Have a great day guys. If anyone is interested in the Bradley smoke generator and electric heating element with temp controller, please let me know asap so I don't send them back. I have $170 tied up in both pieces. Id much prefer to sell both together. Ill even cover the shipping to you! Let me know. Thanks Ken K.
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I cut the hole for my pellet hopper assembly. Not much progress besides this. Any progress is good progress.
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Smoke stack and damper built and installed. There just isn't enough daylight sometimes it seems, that and the pesky job gets in the way! Have a good one.
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