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1400th post

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I thought I would post a few pics for my 1400th post at SMF-


This one show how much rub I shake on to my ribs-


TBS coming out of the CharGriller stack-


I foil my ribs with a little light brown sugar and my BBQ sauce-

Brats about ready to come off, the foil pan contains the onions-


One of many hot and fast butts cooked on the Weber, about 6 hours into the cook-


The finished product, done in 8 hours and delicious-


My sammie, with butt rub and my sauce-


Chicken breasts done on the kettle with red maple, no rub, the color is all chicken skin

and maple smoke-


Pork tenderloins rubbed with apple rub(AKA "Pig's Worst Nightmare")-




A chuckie out of the foil-


The same chuckie pulled and ready to pile on a bun-

 A hot and fast picnic-


That same picnic pulled and panned up for pulled pork nachos-


My plate of nachos-


My baked beans(forgot I had pics of them)-

Every good meal deserves dessert, my wife is the best pie maker that I know-


Thanks for looking










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nice thanks, my little pit is a moded  chargriller, i love the thing.

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Cant wait for the 1500th post....Awesome.......
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  Thanks for all your posts.



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Thanks, guys. I appreciate the kind words.

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Wow, that's a nice 1,400th post. All looked good icon14.gif. WHB
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