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hi everyone.

i built a decent smoker a few months back and have been wondering if i put in a small fan to create air circulation will my cooks times be better. there is a definite temp difference from rack to rack. this has been quite noticeable when i fill it up with ALOT of sausage. the links on the top will come up to the IT faster and then i remove them and move the other stuff up.

do you think a small internal fan will give me better heat throughout?

if yes.... where would be the best spot to place it? blowing over and across the electric elements ..


and does anyone have a place where i could order a fan with a 2 to 3 inch shaft that i could install on the outside of my fridge and only have the shaft and fan on the inside....


here is my build , i have since put another fin strip heater mounted above the brinkman and under the guard/deflector.


thanks for any help !!!



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Do you have fresh air intake at the bottom? Looks like a fish pump smoke gen there. You would want avery gentle "bbreeze" if you add a fan. Just stir the air. Long shaft fans can be had at Grainger's.... kinda pricey there. I hope some of more experienced guys will also comment.

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i have since gotten rid of that smoke gen and use a mailbox mod setup piped in with a 3" metal flex tube. and yes i also have a 3" air intake on the opposite site witha damper and a damper on my top vent. i usually run with the top open and 1/2 to 3/4 open on the bottom. lots of air movement but when i have this thing loaded up its jammed full. was just wondering if internal circulation may help.



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Here is a link to Grainger stuff...... search for fans .... my links aren't working right now...

Yes... a fan will help with temp and smoke uniformity.... and you don't need much air flow
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