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Breakfast Sausage

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Hello Team,

I have some breakfast sausage seasoning i purchased from a local supplier down here in South Louisiana. It is pretty good but can be better.

It is lacking what I call the breakfast seasoning flavor.

My question is what are the ingredients that make the meat taste like Jimmy Deans? Not sure if this clear or not. I would like to add a little more of what ever seasoning it needs.
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That would be Sage...

Here's Pop's world famous breakfast sausage
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Thank you for the response. I was considering adding more to their seasoning in stead of starting from scratch, but I don't know who much they add to begin with. I guess after looking at the receipt you attached a little goes along way.
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just start with a tsp of Sage per lb of the ground meat... make a little mini test patty and fry it up... if still not enough Sage.. add another tsp of sage another little fry test .... until you like it..... you get the idea... write it down as you go so when you reach your goal... you'll have it in writing....

better yet.. do the research using a half tsp at a time....
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thank you my friendThumbs Up
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