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Teri Chicken

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Aloha Gang,


Well Its a little behind schedule but I got Q-View going so I can post some pics of smokes past LOL!


Below is a pic of some chicken we smoked for a family get together it was marinated in some local style Teriyaki Sauce which is pretty common in Hawaii. Hope you enjoy!





It was tender and delicious everyone loved it



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Love Teriyaki Sauce, although my wife does not. I have recently been injecting Butts with it, then smoking. She seems to eat every bite. LOL

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Aloha Flash


Yeah we eat alot of teriyaki!!!  Thats a funny story you got there bout your wife. I find it funny that some folks wont eat things if they know about it but if not they will devour it at times cracks me up. I get that from some family members all the time. Some dont like to eat wild game if they know what it is. If they ask i'll just say pork butt but its actually wild boar and I promise they hammer it LOL!


Happy Smokin' to you and yours!





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Great looking batch of teriyaki chicken! Love injecting wings with teriyaki and smoking them up!

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