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Cured loins and sausage

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Cured two pork loins one as Lomo with paprika, one with juniper Berry's and pepper. 45 days in chamber. Two smokes sausages smoked two hours and cured 20 days a Saucisson SEC and a Kabanosy. Fun process. First time using curing/fermenting chamber. All came out well. Next Spanish Chorizo and Italian Salami. But not until I get a proper sausage stuffer.






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Nice looking meat.... good job.......
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Looks great! Tell us more about your curing chamber!
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Originally Posted by dirtsailor2003 View Post

Looks great! Tell us more about your curing chamber!

Yeah, what he said!:drool



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Looks nice.Couple questions for ya...first did u use #2 cure and starte
r culture for the sausages?also are those hog casings?if not what size are they?
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20 cf freezer, put in a small fa, and an ultasonic humidfier. Freezer plugs into ditital temp comtroller and Humidifier into a ditital humity controller. bought controller on ebay about $20 each, 110 volt and but in little gray box. f you are interested I can send you more details. The freezer  still remains a freezer but now can also be used as curing chamber. I cured with temps 50-70 deg F and humitity 55 to 85 percent, higher in begining


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used no 2  on loins  and tenderloins, no 1 on the sausage as I smoked for 2 hours, yes hug casing mid size 

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if you deside to make I can give you more detail

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Hey bud and thanks for the info..great pics too..i recently did 20lbs of saucisson sec and sopressata...they dryed out relatively 10-12days.i stuffed them in hog casings...used proper amount of cure #2 and held at 58 degrees 70-75%humidity.and sprayed with mold 600 which worked well.they dropped 35% of weight in 12 days...this seems fast but they are cured throughout and are very addicting!any thoughts on this??also i sprayed down some bresolla and coppas mold yet...wonderin if the pepper on the outside would inhibit the mold growth?i rinsed all the meat well and dryed before hanging at 80degrees 70%humidity..any help would be awesome!thx again
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sounds great, mine dried fast also , keep hum up so no case hardening, I thin i had too much fan, need smaller one or variable one

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