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commercial ice freezer

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Hello, I have a 3' wide,7' long, 6' tall ice cooler. But the inside walls are galvanized. Anyone have any suggestions on what I could do, without totally redoing the inside..thanks
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Hello Warren.  Galvanize poisoning is not very nice.  IMHO you have 2 options:  use it ONLY as a COLD smoker or strip out the galvanized.  There are arguments using the words "IF", "MAY" and "MIGHT"; I just would not risk my family and fiends health on those words.  Just my opinion.  Keep Smokin!


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I understand, thanks for the reply
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Like Danny said, keep the temps cool...
If it works, you could make a curing chamber for charcuterie products. Curing meats like you would in a refer... Big beer/soda fridge...
A hot smoker can be made form many materials... A good curing chamber is hard to come by...

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:icon_biggrin:  With a refer that size I like Dave's idea of the beer fridge!  Of course you should also keep 1 six pack of soda in it and maybe even 1 gallon of milk.  :ROTF  Keep Smokin!


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But if I was to pull the galvanized out and reline it with wood. What type of wood should I use?
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Leave the galvanized steel in and coat with 3/4" plywood or a tongue and groove wood.. or aluminum or SS or cement board or glazed tile or .......................
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Sounds good..thanks
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Hello Warren.  Dave is right.  You can cover/coat it.  I would suggest the joints be sealed just as a precaution.  Now here we go:  Being that there should be a positive air flow within the cooking chamber you may not need to seal the joints.  If a frog had wings he wouldn't bump his bottom.  Keep Smokin!


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Thanks for all input guys
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