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New Kid In Town

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Just wanted to introduce myself as I feel I may become a regular visitor to this place. May not post a lot but will definitely to do some reading for tips and such. I just enjoy backyard grilling and now getting into some backyard smoking. I am a gas fan for the grill and just purchased a Masterbuilt 30" digital electric smoker. I had a bullet smoker a few years ago I dabbled with so I am not completely new to the art of smoking, but after one smoke with the mbes I am glad I got it. I enjoy my food with flavor and a kick. I know pics have to be approved first since I am a newbie around these parts, but I have posted a pic of my first smoke from the other night. As anyone knows, you never know quite how the first run will turn out, but I was very pleased with my results on some wings. Nothing more than a little Byrons Butt Rub and some hickory chips. Next up on the menu will be some chops with some apple chips once I decide what kind of marinade or brine and rub I want to use. Decisions.....decisions.



Happy Grilling and Smoking



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texas.gifHello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   



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Thanks, Gary. I have visited other sites but this one had the best feel to it about the users supporting each other from seasoned vets down to the newbies. Some of these places seem to have attitude issues of the know it all and you know nothing attitude. 

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Welcome aboard Jeremy!  This is a great place to share ideas on smoking, grilling, curing, etc.  There are plenty of friendly folks here who know their stuff and enjoy helping each other.  Looking forward to your input here, and just ask when you need anything...someone will surely have the answer.



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