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got my new burner today

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got my burner for my smokehouse that im gonna build but had no Manuel with it so just wondering what these 3 bolts are for
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This is what my smokehouse is going to look like. Im going to make it 3'x3'x6'. Its gonna be insulated and then im lining the inside with aluminum on the inside. its a rough drawing and I got the ideal from a couple of smokehouses from this sight so im going to try and combin the two. I will have pics of the build once I get started
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Those bolts could be for air adjustment to the individual burners so they burn "clean"....
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Yeah they are I just went to northern tools web sight and found it. I was thinking that but wanted to make sure
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I just saw your post about building a smokehouse.  The design looks very familiar.  I learned a couple of things during my build that I would be glad to share if you have any questions during the build.



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Hey whats up wazoo. Yeah I hope you don't mind but my build is going to be somewhat of a copy of yours and another guys on this sight. You really did a great job on yours. It will be alittle while before I start mine tho we are buying a new house so its on hold but if you don't mind when I do start I would like to ask you some questions.
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aughta be a fun build... may I suggest that in the future you give credit (name the person) to whom's plans you are using ... same thing goes for recipes...
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I am glad that you liked the build.  I used Babysmokologist's smoke house as the basis for my house.  He gave me several suggestions and was a big help when I started my build.  Please feel free to contact me if you have questions.


I just did a pork butt for an Olympics party on Friday and it turned out great.  I absolutely love the build. Now that I have it dialed in I really can't think of anything that I would change other than coming up with a pilot light setup to make it a little more idiot proof.  That is something that I plan on installing this spring.

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