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Ham questions

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First post. I raise my own hogs and have recently become interested in smoking meat to get more enjoyment out of the hog besides just grinding everything for sausage.
Currently I have half a ham and several slabs of bacon sitting on Pop's brine.
I dont plan on eating the ham immediatley. My question is after the ham is cured, Can I smoke it then freeze it? If so should I smoke the ham until it reaches the proper IT, then reheat it when im ready to eat?
I will be smoking it on a masterbuilt extra wide propane smoker.
Thanks for the help.
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Yes you can freeze the smoked ham. Since the ham is cured you could just freeze it then smoke later. All of my bacon I cold smoke and freeze, then cook later. For bacon I prefer the texture when it is only cooked once.


For the ham I probably would go ahead and smoke the ham hot, to an IT of 145° slice then freeze. I like being able to reheat sliced ham, or use it cold for sandwiches etc without having to cook the whole thing. It's also easier to portion out slices for storage in the freezer.

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Yes, in my thread "Piggy" (, after I sectioned the ham, I sliced up the top round for sandwiches, but froze the rest in chunks and will pull out and slice when thawed for later consumption.

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