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Fire going out

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I have a MES 30 and an AMNPS.  I love them both, but in a strong breeze and 40* outside temp I am not able to keep the apple pellets I got today going.  they smolder for a bit and go out.  I have now had the torch on them three times in two and a half hours.


I probably should have dried the pellets in the oven first.  I took them right from the bag to the AMNPS. 


I am attempting some Superbowl cheese.  I have sharp white cheddar, pepper jack, munster, gouda, havarti and a dry salami in there.


I was planning 3 hours, but I don't think I'll make that.  Probably going to be more like 4-5 and that makes for a late night.


I tried adding some regular apple chips and it seems a bit better.  I guess next time I will have to try some saw dust.


I'll post some Q-view in a separate thread in the cheese section after I pull the cheese.



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I started a big thread on this a few weeks ago.

Look me up and read on!


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