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Abi's Meatloaf

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I am giving Abi's  Meatloaf a try. Page 115 in Jeff's cookbook, Smoking Meat. I followed the recipe except that I put on Jeff's All Purpose Rub before smoking. I'll post later on the outcome and a final picture.




It turned out wonderful, very moist. Probably could have smoked for another half hour or so. I smoked it between 200-230 for about 3 hours then turned it up to 340 for last half hour. It was well received and I'm having some for lunch right now.

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Looking good is it done yet?  How did it taste?



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I am really tempted to try that recipe, his book has a lot of great ones in it. I think that goes on my have to do list.



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Looks great, I'm defiantly trying this very soon.
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Tasty looking meatloaf!
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Turned out fantastic. Smoked for 3 hours and 20 or so minutes at between 200 & 230. Over 300 last half hour. Could have gone another hour.
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