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New 1st Gen Masterbuilt 40 Inch Electric Smoker

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I have been waiting to post until I could gather some of my initial observations about my new smoker. I do also have an 18.5 inch Weber Smoky Mountain smoker and a 22 inch Weber Performer grill. I live in the Omaha, Nebraska area.


I purchased the Masterbuilt smoker because I wanted to be able to smoke meat without having to chase the temperatures that I have to with my WSM. There are several questions that I already have without even having performed the burn in or pre-smoke due to other postings found here.


I'll be using the end of my garage for my smoking as I don't have a backyard with any kind of deck. I have some smoking chips, but I wonder how good they are with this smoker. I've wondered about getting an AMNPS don't have any kind of torch or other device to assist with lighting one.


Any feedback on this and even how I could do better smoking with my WSM would be appreciated.

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texas.gifHello and welcome from East Texas. This is a great site, lots of information and great people that are willing to throw in their two cents worth on about anything.   



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Welcome to the forums! We are happy that you joined the group. You'll find plenty of information here with over 1 million posts! Make the search bar at the top of the page your new friend.  Or, simply post your question in the area that applies. You'll get plenty of helpful advice. 

Also consider enrolling in Jeff's 5 day E course. It gives you lots of great information to start you off on the right foot! Best of all is that it's free!



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Welcome and yes you'll need an AMPS and a torch to fire that sucker up.
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I have never used any kind of torch before. Is there a good brand or particular model that is small. Also, where would the AMPS sit in the MES? The model that I have has the controls and vent on top.

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