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Originally Posted by ameskimo1 View Post

Welcome Piguy, I'm also a Michigander and picked up my smoking habit last summer. A couple years back I had an ECB but it was more discouraging than fun so it went to street; didn't last long before another sucker picked it up.

Your chicken is looking good, it also goes well in enchiladas with La Victoria green sauce (we like the mild). I intended to cold smoke some cheese today but with the wind and blowing snow I decided to stay in and make chile. Anyway, happy smoking and enjoy the forum, there are many useful tips and ideas on here. Be sure to smoke a couple of fatties - breakfast and Italian style have been our favorites so far.
Thanks Ameskimo1! Yeah it was so cold it was difficult to keep my temps rising. I think it would have been great in an enchilada! I actually put it in a chipotle red sauce for enchiladas and brought it ti a good rolling simmer before putting in the tacos. My final take is below...
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Originally Posted by BDSkelly View Post

Welcome to the forums! We are happy that you joined the group. You'll find plenty of information here with over 1 million posts! Make the search bar at the top of the page your new friend.  Or, simply post your question in the area that applies. You'll get plenty of helpful advice. 
Also consider enrolling in Jeff's 5 day E course. It gives you lots of great information to start you off on the right foot! Best of all is that it's free!
Thanks Brian, i'm definitely planning on taking the course; I need all the help I can get!
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After chopping/pulling the thigh and breast meat (discarded thigh skin) I put it on the stove in a chipotle enchilada sauce and simmered for 45 mins.
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Finished tacos. Toasted corn tortillas with smoked chicken, a cabbage slaw I made, cheese and a red pepper creme sauce (Taco Bell Baja clone) topped with cilantro.

All in all it was good. Not great. Again it seemed too smoky and conflicted with the other ingredients. As mentioned above perhaps it would be better in an enchilada. I also thought it might be better in a burrito with refried beans to mellow out the smoky punch.

Fun to make. Wouldn't call it a mistake, but room for improvement.
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Nice looking tacos.  I would eat those in a minute. You might try a different wood next time like a hickory apple mix.



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Welcome to the site fellow Michigander! The chicken looks delicious..
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Welcome pi guy. I love smokey flavor so it's never enough for me. Perhaps you should try the lighter types of wood; apple, cherry, alder. Mesquite is arguably the strongest wood to smoke with. Many times the leftovers taste better than dinner the night before, because the food has had a day to rest and allow the mesquite flavor to mellow out a bit.
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Thanks everyone!  It seems like the consensus is to use a lighter wood.  I will try apple or cherry with my next chicken recipe.


Out of curiosity, what meat is mesquite best for?  I seem to recall restaurant dish descriptions stating "mesquite grilled chicken" so I guess I assumed that was what meat went well with it.


Also, thinking of smoking salmon next.  Best wood for that?  Guess I should start new threads for my separate questions.

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Welcome.... WHB !
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Welcome and they look great :drool:

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Welcome from Canton, MI!


I curently use a MES30, but have yet to use mesquite.  I have heard it's pretty easy to overdo it with that type of wood.


As far as having other things going at the same time, I recommend doing ABT's during any smoke.  They are like a jalapeno popper, but smoked and wrapped in bacon instead of breading.


Happy smoking!

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