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What is sticky?

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I see a sticky in every subject in the forums. I searched it with no luck. Just curious what sticky means.
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My god!  You are going to wear me out!  :ROTF  Just teasing.  A post becomes a sticky when it is generally agreed that it is a very good how to.  Keep asking!!!! Only way to learn,  and Keep Smokin!


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Lol! Thanks for the help. I haven't stopped smoking since christmas. Every time I think I figure something out it brings up 5 more questions! Thanks again.
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   When a post is made a "sticky" it sticks to the top of whatever category it's part of. It doesn't get buried by newer posts.



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HA!! I have often wondered the same thing but drew a different conclusion. I figured it was because we all had sticky fingers from eating BBQ :-)


Oh well....


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Here in Texas, it's hard to imagine that not everything revolves around meat!

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