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Just got my new Smokin-it model 2

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After my MES30" had been repaired 2X, with burned wires, and a bad heating element. This time the controller didn't turn on, so.... Off to the market place to get a new smoker.
After much deliberation and reading forum after forum, I settled on a Smokin-it model 2. Got it the other day, and did the break in burn tonight.
It couldn't have been easier. Put 2 chunks of wood in the box, closed the door with the 2 latches set it for 225, and see you in 3 hours!
At the pre determined time, I turned it off and opened it up, all done!
Smoker was seasoned and looking great! The box is almost air tight, only had a little smoke seepage from the top,of the door, but for the most part, all went out of the top. Never had too much smoke,always a thin line of smoke.
This weekend will be the full test with meat and the thermometers. It should hold temp pretty well as it is insulated.
Can't wait for the football games and the good food I have been missing!
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Congrats and enjoy!

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Congrats!!!   I too had a MES30 and it took a crap in 5 smokes.  Burned wires etc.  I decided no way no how am I making that mistake again.  I bought the Smokin-It #2 and have done over 10 smokes with it so far and all is well!  Awesome smoker and easy to use.


My advice?  GET THE STAND for it.  Makes a great smoker even better.


Happy smoking!



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I would agree. Make life and smoking comfortable.


On the news front, Smokin-it has a digital prototype unit in development.  Some testing has been completed and pictures are at the link below. No pricing has been released nor when it will actually go into production.

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I've had my SI #2 for about 3 months now. Love it! I did a lot of research and trolling here before choosing it. Mainly went with it since I didn't see the wide variation in reviews that the MES had.
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Smokin-it has a great line of smokers at good prices. And by and large, are reliable.  A lot of smoker for the money. 

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Nice yahoo.gif Enjoy the new toy grilling_smilie.gif WHB
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