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I thought it was being eaten without being cooked.... Shannon, now I'm even more What is a degree hr?



I am thinking the next attempt I should try the TQ and hang it like a ham. Now that would be cool and exactly like those old days.


It'd be just like ya see in all those fancy travel folders from Europe. Get the right casing, hang those in the kitchen from the ceiling as a aromatic. Tell everyone I am a gen-u-wine international jet setter playboy type! And gormett Chef to the crown heads of Europe! It would dang sure out shine the Glad stick-ups!

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I know what all da controversy is.  What Foam made was traditional andouille   NOT Andouille sausage.  It is a smoked fresh not fully cooked seasoning meat not intended to ever be eaten uncooked.  If ya can find it, and its rare these days it will say must cook before eating on the package.  It is only in the last few years that it has been available as a sausage.  Probally no one out of Cajun country has ever seen aunduille cause the mass produced stuff is sausage.  to be sold nationally its gotta be fully cooked ready to eat.  I am sure Lawyers got something to do with that, but to get ole style stuff like foam made ya gotta do it ya self.  Naturally when he posted this all you sausage geeks came fussin about temps but ya comparing apples to oranges.  This is not a sausage and was never intended to be eaten as such.  Instead its a seasoned meat to be used as he did in a mouth watering pot of red beans.  Following is a good friend of mine and member of my countryboy trading network, Tod's video he made complete with recipe of aunduille SAUSAGE, ya will note he calls it sausage, and brings it up to temp.  This is what you non Cajuns are used to seeing.

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