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No more throwdowns?

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I like the throw downs, even though I don't participate in them. If helps needed I'd volunteer to help organize them and get em rolling again.
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Don't mean to be dumb here but The Throwdowns are a smoking contest obviously, but what all goes on ?? Again sorry if this is a dumb question ! WHB
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Did not mean to do two posts on this thread prior to this, did not think the first went thru as my inet connection was being weird. WHB
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WHB-throwdowns are smoking contest where the contestent submits their entry and all the entries are voted on. The person running the throwdown gives a theme and a phrase that needs to be included in the entry post-
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How very fun!


How about, "The Islands," (and people can choose to present from whichever specific island they wish and/or create whatever it is which that word represents to them)?


Cheers! - Leah

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Leah got a little too creative on that idea (as usual)

so killed the thread.  (J/K)

So throwdowns are where people meet and sample

the 'q and then rate it?

I might do well, last poker game someone piped up and said

"I'll bet $50 i make the best 'q  -

and the one guy who's had mine a bunch

flat out killed the idea said "You'll Lose".

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