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Brisket Cooking Time Question

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Hey dudes.

So I am doing a whole packer for Saturday dinner. I've read a lot about smoking a brisket on here, and believe it could take me anywhere from 14-18ish hours running at 230-240 degrees.

What I plan to do is separate the point from the flat when the flat area reaches 165 degrees. I'll then cover the exposed area on the flat with rub (where the point separated) and put back on till 175. Then I'll wrap the flat in foil and pull at 195.
During all of this, I'll have chopped the point up to make burnt ends.

My question is, if I separate the point and flat like I stated above, will that shorten the cooking time? I am trying to gauge whether I should start cooking Friday night, or just really early Saturday morning.

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 Generally, for a starting point, consider 1.5 hours per pound cooking time.   If you separate the point and flat first, you will reduce the cook time. Now consider the weight of each piece separately. Hope this helps.



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