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overmixing ??

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I started a new post on this so I don't hijack jam's thread.


I'm just a ol ignorent hillbilly and need some extree edjumikashion sometimes. 


Overmixing sausage came up and I wanted to know about it. Been doing sausage for years and have no idea if i've ever experienced it or not cause I have no idea how to ID it. Have had some issues over the years, some explainable, some not. 


Can somebody explain the characteristics and results of over mixing sausage? 




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From what I have read and experienced is over mixing causes heat and breaks down the fat and fibers in the meat and will attribute to a grainy sausage. Most over mixing happens when a mixer is used. An example of over mixed meat is smear like you would get from a grinder with a dull blade.... The fibers in the meat are pulverized.. This is my take......


Here is an example of smear and it can happen from over mixing


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Thank you kind sir. I will now have to give chicken breast another chance for sausage. One time i did use it, it was like eating sawdust. That batch I did use the KA to mix it up.


Thanks again!

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