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So will it hurt if it "melts" a bit then re solidifies later if it doesn't drip out?  It doesn't seem like much if any has rendered away...

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I'm no expert, but I have both cold smoked and "hot" smoked bacon. In my mind, for the minute difference in taste and texture, "hot" smoking is the way to go. It is much quicker to develop the flavor and mahogany color that I am looking for. Like 1 day, instead of 3 or more. And by "hot", I'm talking no more than 120° to 130° smoker temp. My last batch of belly bacon finished with an IT of 105°F., and it was fine.

Bearcarver has a great guideline here: 

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So right now it is ambient temp of 10 with a wind chill that puts us at 12 below in Pueblo,co. I started cold smoking at 430pm at a temp of 30 deg. Can i put on another dose of smoke with the pellet tube? It TN has about 1 hour left on it.
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Don't know about bacon, but I had temps as low as 2C in my smoker while cold smoking fish and meats. It will take a little longer though.
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Try and keep the smoker temp up to 50 ish..... whatever it takes.... small heater.... a few lit briquettes... heat lamp....
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Turned on the burner to lowest setting gave me bout 35 to 40. Did 10 hours over Hickory. Happy New Year
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