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Another 250 gallon RF Build Thread (My first build) - Page 4

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So my baffle is at the top of the firebox, you just want to keep the heat from hitting the reverse flow plate directly as is turns and comes into the cook chamber
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A good friend told me to add a divider to basket so I can do the Minion method! I have no clue what that is so give me your thoughts.
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Doors are marked, braced, and ready to be cut out.

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The tank popped down in one spot so far.

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Doors are cut, baffle plate installed, RF plate with grease trap done, and lower grate glides are done. Time to call it a day and get a shower.

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Here's a link to the Minion method. I use it on my Weber kettle by putting a water pan in the center and pouring charcoal and lump to form a large C. Then I pour a chimney of lit coals on one end of the C and it burns slowly around the semicircle. You can put a pile of lump and charcoal in your basket and pour lit coals on top and regulate your air intake to maintain temperature as it burns down or make a C with a divider in the basket or divide the basket in two and load one side with coal and dump hot on one side. It will end up catching the other side through the grating. It's a good way to limit loading while controlling temps in a narrow band with airflow. It depends on how much heat your cooker will need to maintain temp, I've never cooked on a 250 so I can't speak on how big a fire it's going to take to get her rolling and keep it consistent.




You are kicking ass on this build!

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Thank you LenD! I would surely think this is a stick burner? This is my first big smoker so I do not know what to use for heat. My nephew (Pigs Asss) knows more about that then me and he says will use charcoal to start wood.
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Made some more progress today my goal was to have smoker complete by the end of today. Well I was close but still have a few things to do. Still need to install door handles, chimney, cut a few items off tank, plug the holes, and door braces. Speaking of doors I was real excited when I installed doors and they were humped up in the center of bend. I thought man that is sweet when I cut them braces off that door is going to pop right in place. Can you believe they humped worst? The doors are the only problem I have ran into so far guess I can not complain. I am very pleased with the rest of this build. Going to get trailer parts tomorrow and will start on it Tuesday.

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Oh still have to trim and shape the door hinges too. I really thought the doors would spring out and I done everything to stop that including sitting them on top of my wood stove in an effort to relax them.


There was a beautiful sunset when I let shop tonight.

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Pick up trailer supplies today! Went ahead and bought new 13" wheels/tires that are rated for 1300 lbs cause the 12" I have are only rated at 750. Did not pick up fenders yet not sure what I will need for them.

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Have another question for for you guys. After the smoker is mounted on a trailer will I need to stand on trailer to access the smoker or will it be reachable from the ground? Also do you think 10" from ground to firebox is enough clearance?

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Depends on how you build the trailer. Check out Meadow Creeks website and look at the rigs the build. Some good ideals on there.
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Sorry for all the questions but I have only operated a MES40 and a small patio offset. What size do I want to use for this smoker?

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Hard question to answer.

At one time, I wanted a huge trailer so as I was able to store tables,awning, coolers etc. I liked to cook for a hunded + people.

Now, I find myself cooking for around 30, and usually it's somewhere that has everything I need, so no need to carry so much ice, water, etc. I really don't want to be stuck towing a monster behind me, especially on the way home.

So you got to sit down and think about what you would like to do with the smoker, and what you probably will be doing with the smoker, then meet in the middle somewhere.
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Well after reading my your reply and rereading my question I realize I messed the question up. Wanted to know what size wood to use?
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I like to sixe my logs to where  2 to 3 logs make enough fire to hold temp. Meaning, I start with three, when it burns down to about the size of two, I add another. Id say with this one, you need them a bit larger than the cord behind your wood stove.

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Pictures are deceiving them logs are freaking huge! Removed the braces from my doors this morning and they popped in place pretty good. Have the hinges trimmed and door handles made.

Having trouble uploading pictures will try later.
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i said just a bit larger.

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Door gap is fine now

Door hinges are trimmed, handles installed, and started on counter weights. I am waiting on some solid bar to slide inside the counter weight tubes.

Clamped together a jig to weld door handles together.

Used our dock section jig to weld up trailer frame.
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Looking real nice   very nice



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