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Another 250 gallon RF Build Thread (My first build) - Page 3

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Go by the math, and really, you could go with 1/2" gap, thats what I normally do.

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We use .035 on everything around here.

 used to run it on everything also, but after I switched to .030 solid and .045 , its made a big difference.

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Got the double plate in this morning (I did go 1/2" gap RW). The plate I had was 3/16" thick plus not quit big enough so I had to weld a 1" angle on each side to take up the gap. The angles are 3/8" from top and 1/8" thick to give me 1/2" gap. I also welded a piece of flat in the middle then drilled holes in my plate so I was able to get some welds in the center area. It all worked out just fine. The mag drill is a nice tool for this job.

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Coming into this project I had no clue how I was going to clean ashes out. I winged it and come up with this using some strap. The hole is 6" which should give me easy clean outs. The cover is 1/4" plate so is the vertical floor brace. I notched a 1/4" slot in floor brace so the cover would always stay in slot then simply welded a arm on to swing it open and dump ashes. Used a strap piece of 2" angle and drilled a hole through it and arm so it can be pinned during transport.

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Man their is a lot to a FB! After lunch I got the sliding grate that wood basket will set on built and the door about 90% complete. I left a 1/8" gap around door trim for a rope gasket. The door stayed pretty straight after all the welding on it. I really like the notching process for door trim.

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Just a quick FYI: I did cut another 1/2" off the tank to make up for air gap in FB top.
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Have another question! I know everyone normally uses 6" pipe for the exhaust. Is there a big advantage using 6" over 5"? I have several feet of 5" pipe but I do not want an exhaust 49" taller then smaller.
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You could always go with double barrel 5"

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Great thinking and planning ahead on the door seal...... Nice door support to stop the warping...

The exhaust diameter should calculate to the size of the Cook Chamber and be about 30-40" above the Cook Chamber for the finished height.....
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Fives gonna be a touch small for that size cooker. Better hold off until you round up the bigger pipe!
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Woke this morning and could not go back to sleep thinking about my slide out grate! I messed up designing so wood basket sets on top of it. I plan to redo it today going to remove the center support angles and recess basket. I will hold out for 6" pipe not sure I would like the looks of dual exhaust?
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At least you have choices for exhaust pipe, buy some 6" pipe (scrap or new), go with double 5's, or make a square one out of 3" angle if you have some of that laying around (would be another 12' of welding). All would work equally well as long as you stick with the volume from the calculator and minimum height Dave mentioned above. Good Luck and great looking build! :popcorn

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The door is all done except rope gasket and a spring on the vent handle.

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Looking good Uncle Rog!

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Calling it a day time for a shower and cocktail. Reworked the wood basket and got the FB mounted to the CC.


Made a plunger so to speck to pull ashes from back to the hole.

Starting to look like a smoker!
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My son Jeff who also works for me said he would wire brush all the paint off for $150! I told him to have at it I am headed home.

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It sure is a dirty job! I don't miss my days of working in the shop everyday.

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Should get you a little sandblast pot!
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Should I install a baffle plate or not? If so, does it come off at same level as the doubled plate on FB? Also ho far into CC should it extend?
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You can put the reverse flow plate at the height of the top plate, and attach the baffle to the lower plate, a piece of 3/8" x 6 flat bar at a very slight down angle should do the trick.

I angled my top plate, so actually raised my reverse flow plate another inch on my most current build.

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