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Another 250 gallon RF Build Thread (My first build) - Page 2

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Took my guys and picked up the tank today. Have valve open now letting out any left over propane then will fill with water.
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and the fun begins!!!

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Valves are removed, 1 bottle of Dawn dumped in along with 5 lbs of TSP. Waiting for her to fill with water now. FYI the propane smell around my shop is terrible. The fork lift is a major plus!
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Check out the vapors being pushed out during fill.

She is getting close think I will drive it around parking lot some with fork lift.

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This recent one I'm doing, ..Ive already cut open, sandblasted the inside, welded in reverse flow plate, etc, and it stills smells like propane. Probably will until I sandblast the whole thing, paint it and burn it for a while. So dont let that smell bother you too much.

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Which side should I use for the top? The side with all valves or the bottom with the seam? It seems to me that the bottom would be easier grinding seam down then removing and plugging all the holes.

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Check the bottom and see how bad the rust is, You dont want a lot of pitting at the top of the smoker where everyone can see it.



If it clean and not pitted too bad, put the holes to the bottom. You can make use of the holes like I did here!




Dont grind that seam off though, just put it to the back.

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Here is some time saving advise:


If you do decide to use the bottom as the top, use the feet that are on it now to level everything and first cut should be your firebox opening, mount the firebox on while it is still upside down, getting it level and square, and weld it in solid.


When you flip it over, now you have the level top of the firebox to measure off of as a reference. And there is no need to flip it over anymore.


Its much easier that way.

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Ok thanks RW! Letting the tank drain while I have some lunch then going to fill again before I start cutting holes. Any suggestions on how far from bottom I should cut for RF/FB ?
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You need to sit down and work the pit calculator to get all the correct measurements, but it should "look" like about 1/3 the height of the cook chamber. And right outside the weld seam. I cut mine with a cut off wheel instead of the plasma, helped me keep a straight line on that rounded end. Only took about 20 minutes or so.

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I have worked the calculator. I do have cut off wheels for my skill saw.
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Once I have the FB opening cut out do I need to build a good fire in the tank?
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Just wash it out for now, that should be fine.

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I set the tank flat on my trailer, set it how I wanted top/bottom then strapped it in place while I marked FB. Once tank was strapped down I used a piece of 8" wide plate set on top of 1-1/2" angles to get a level line around end. This get me a cut at approximately 9-1/2" up from bottom of tank. Once I had my marks I tried using a skill Saw with cut off wheel. It did not take me long to figure out I was going to use the plasma cutter. I got cut through the tank with Saw then moved inside to plasma.

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Steel truck showed up while I was bring tank inside with FB plates.

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I got right to work on the firebox and spot welded it all together. For the door frame I did not cut door from a full piece and then use outside ring for frame. Instead I used 1/4" x 3" flat for door frame and also added 2" x 2" x 3/16" angle for extra support. After door frame was all added I done some welding and welding and more welding. Still need to turn FB over and do lots more welding tomorrow.

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Them dang fireboxes do take some welding, welding, welding. Looking good.

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That's where the .045 wire comes in handy!
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We use .035 on everything around here.
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Ok guys I need some advice on installing the double plate in roof of FB. My FB to CC opening right now is 9-1/2" high once I double plate FB with a 1" air gap that will close off my opening to 8-1/2". Do you take 8-1/2" is ok or should I cut another 1" off CC? My RF plate will come off very top of FB.
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