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Taking dibs on the BEST turkey brine recipe!

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Living in Uruguay, turkey is hard to come by. So needless to say when our guest from Germany came back today from a 2 day trip to Brazil, toting a frozen turkey for us, we were elated. We already had plans of running the smoker on Sunday and we decided to add this to the batch.


I'm looking for brine suggestions. I'd like to inject the brine, not soak the whole bird in it. I really don't have the means to do the later method... so, I'd be much appreciative of anyone throwing some brine recipes at me, along with any smoking tips you might have.


Thanks much!

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Hello , LivinNLearnin :beercheer: .


I don't inject (never liked the idea of adding extra holes in my meat :cool:) , but I do    Brine my Poultry  (most the time) . My usual is simple S/P/O/G , nothing major. You will probably get so many suggestions for your Brine/Injection Recipe , you'll have difficulty choosing.


Whichever you use , I hope it does you justice and pleases your Family/Guest .


Have fun and as always . . .

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Hola Stan


Yeah, I was thinking about the holes thing too, but I don't have anything big enough to put the turkey in to soak in a brine. Not the whole thing at least. Plus I need to keep it cool during that time and the fridge is not big enough. Grrr! .. so holes it is.


I'm sure you're right about brine injection recipes. I already have my head spinning looking online. So far I see some ingredients that make my tastebuds tingle just thinking about them : white wine, garlic, molasses and butter... who knows, I might concoct something from those and take a chance. I'd still like to hear some recipes of what others really like.


Until then, I'll be impatiently awaiting Sunday and dreaming of that smoked turkey! :grilling_smilie:


Muchas gracias for your input thumb1.gif

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